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Thank you for signing up as a Caribou Contests Contact! As a Contact you have taken the initiative to coordinate your student(s) participation in our contests. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Please read this page's contents to learn the basics of being a Contact and making sure contests run smoothly. For any additional questions please try the Help page.


Contest Rules

Before Contest Day

Student Access Codes

Each student has one access code for the entire year. You (the contact) will always be able to see their access codes.

At the time of creation, student access codes (free or paid) are not yet linked to any one student. They can become linked to a particular student once the student has written their first contest in a school year. If a student has not taken part in any contests, then they can use any previously unused access code. Once they use that access code, it becomes their access code for the rest of the year.

Alternatively, once you create the access codes you can assign your students' names to them before the code is used for the first time. You can do this from Display Access Codes. Just enter their full name there, and click "Save Changes" to commit the changes. This will cost slightly more time before the contest day, but may help you to keep more organized on the contest day.

If you pay for individual access codes, the access codes will be created once the payment is processed (usually a few minutes after you pay online, or after we process the cheque). You can then look at the access codes created using the Display Access Codes page.

If you pay for a school wide pass, you can request more access codes whenever you want using the Get Access Codes page. We don't create any automatically for you so we don't clog up our servers with unused access codes. When you request your access codes, please try to only request as many as you need.

Paying for Access Codes

Since the October contest is free to write, we need a way to distinguish between someone who just wanted to try our contest for free and someone who wishes to take part in all contests in a year. We will be referring to paid access codes as those which can be used by a student to write all contests in a school year. This only applies to grade 5-12, as grade 3/4 contests are always free.

To pay for your students, you need to use the Online Shop to purchase either individual access codes, or a school wide pass.

A school wide pass allows all students to write each contest in a school year. When you purchase a school wide pass, all access codes you may have previously requested instantly become paid for, and any future codes you request will also be paid for. So any access code will allow your students to write all the contests in a school year.

Purchasing individual access codes becomes slightly more of an issue, depending on when you buy them.

IP Address

An Internet Protocol Address is kind of like a postal address for your computer, it can essentially uniquely identify which computer you are on. Here's an example IP Address:

Now, we need it because there's extra information hidden away in every IP address, that is which network you are on. For most IP addresses, the first two numbers ( tell which network you are on. So if we have two IP addresses, we can determine if the two computers are on the same network. For example, the two IP addresses and are on the same network, but they are on a different network than Given a IP Address at your school (which you provide for us), we can use that to compare to the IP Address of a student's computer when they go to sign in on a contest day. If they are not on your school's network, then we don't let the student start the contest.

We only use your school's IP address to ensure that all students who go to start the contest are actually at the school and not at home.

For more information, you can check out the Wikipedia page on IP addresses. There's also a nice description at What Is My IP Address.