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Caribou Cup Prizes

The top performing students and schools in the Caribou Cup get awarded cash prizes at the end of the school year. The Caribou Cup is a sum of all contests through the school year, where we take the best 5 of the 6 contests that each student has written and sum their points. Prizes are awarded according to this sum. If two students have the same sum then the total of points in all 6 contests is the tie breaker for the Cup ranking.

The amount of money given out as a prize is calculated as follows, where score is the percentage score the student got in the Caribou Cup (eg 360 points out of a possible 480 = 0.75).

1st$100 × score$30 × score
2nd$75 × score$22.50 × score
3rd$50 × score$15 × score
4th and higher$30 × score$9 × score

Prizes are awarded in this manner until the prize pool is empty. Then, we round student prizes up to $10. If a school prize is less then $10, then it will be rounded down to 0. Otherwise the school prizes will be rounded up to $15 if they were between $10 and $15. Schools will only receive a prize if they have purchased school wide contest access for this school year. The prize pools for each grade level are as follows (subject to change):


Each student is able to print a certificate of merit and one of participation, both in English and French after each contest and for the Caribou Cup after the last contest. Click the buttons below to generate some sample certificates of merit in English.

Caribou Contest Certificate
Caribou Cup Certificate

Brock University Caribou Scholarship

The Brock University Caribou Scholarship is an award of up to $2,500 that will be offered to every incoming first-year student, entering any program of study, who have competed in the grade 11/12 category of the Brock University Caribou Mathematics Competition and have placed in the top third of Caribou Cup competitors with a maximum for the total of $10,000 to be shared between all eligible students.

Applicants must provide a copy of their Certificate of Merit to the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office, indicating that they have achieved the minimum result. The results will be confirmed by a representative of the Brock University Caribou Mathematics Competition. Please contact for more information.